Travelling: My new desktop background and – ouch.


I just saw a beautiful shot of the Golden Gate Bridge on Peter Kaminski’s photos – great new desktop background for me to get excited about my trip!

Well, it definitely should be exciting, because I just spend some serious money on three trips flying to the US – and that is just the flying … Spent an hour on the hotline for making my payment and rechecking everything about my flight tickets and it seems, as if my first agent I phoned to really was a crack at what he was doing.

I have tried three different phone agents from British Airways since then and all of them said “huh? That is not supposed to be possible??”. So I just told them just to leave my reservations as they where. And I continue to be impressed with their booking system – one minute after he submitted my booking, I was able to check and see it online. :)) I paid again about 7 Euros for the call of that hour, but they are so much better at the phone than me trying to get things done on the website. Yes, it does cost another 35 Euro per ticket to get them through the phone, but it is worth it.

[During the interview I had an additional moment of panicking … I did book my upcoming trip and two each at the end of june and july, when suddenly i was hit by lightening “FRAK – was reboot conference at the beginning of june or july? If this is july, then you just screwed up big big time!” Luckily I talked to Thomas later that evening for an interview for the DLD and he said “June” – puuuuh! :))}

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