twitter downtime during blOgher – not a good idea


i am sitting at blogher (today finally with twitter equipment), on a great panel i would like to share a lot of. but twitter decided to take a ‘short’ outtime

“Twitter is currently down for maintenance.
We expect to be back in a couple hours. Thanks for your patience.”

currently nearly 1000 women are at blogher, many of them seem to be in love with twitter.

they are in media, marketing and more and now is one of the times when they would WANT to twitter. a lot. instead they will not.

my question? who schedules a downtime during such a conference?!


9 Responses to “twitter downtime during blOgher – not a good idea”

  1. Len Edgerly says:

    Same sentiment here at Podcamp Boston 3. Terrific timing, Twitter!

  2. Andy says:

    I suppose when you are at a conference it’s very easy to imagine that the world revolves around the people there.

  3. eric rice says:

    Exactly how many times should everyone tolerate this before moving on? It’s like a bad relationship.

  4. Bet it would be hard to find a time when there aren’t 1000 Twitter members at a tech conference.

  5. Nicole says:

    @Andy there is a difference between generel public and a core audience group. If a TV channel has an maintenance during a sport game this is not as relevant as if a football sport channel with special focus on the x series has scheduled downtime exactly during that.

    The amount of women telling each other “twitter is down, why did we use that” was quite astonishing – also the service was back up *fast*. As I am on limited connection at the moment I have not checked the other channels, but I am sure there where additional comments …

  6. Sarah Dopp says:

    Hey Nicole, it was fantastic to meet you this weekend! Thanks for sharing messy chinese food with me over $900 shoes. Hope our paths cross again soon!

  7. Enjoyed your global insights and your “mickey ears” recorder. I’ve got you in Twitter now, so hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with you again. Great insights. Appreciate your wisdom.

  8. narendra.s.v says:

    this things really happen when we are cool :)

  9. Luke says:

    I’ve monitored Twitter since July and they haven’t seem to have made much improvement in fact they are still averaging out with approximately an hours downtime a month: