Updates on travel / where to find me.


I will be transfering from the SFO area to San Francisco on Monday and stay until Saturday later afternoon, and spend sunday back at the SFO area. During SanFran I will be staying at the Mosser Hotel on 4th street.

I will be attending the Office 2.0 conference but thanks to some cold as well as travel stress (as well as ‘overwhelming responses’ from the audience ;)) the planned preconf podcast falls flat. Thanks to Ben I now do have a nice mobile phone number +1 415 671 5346 while in the states which I will keep. (It is actually a T-Mobile number as all other options are not feasable to work with – and none of the prepaids seem to have data available. ).

Ben provided a good reason for using social software systems – he needed a car ride for the TV he won from Yahoo into town and mailed me: “I noticed from your comment on UpComing that you were driving down, and I notice from your Plazes that you’re staying at the Hol Inn Express. ” perfect. :)

After this I will travel in November to Podcastcon UK where you can find me on the business panel as well as Oct 20/22nd online at the Internation Podcasting Expo with an updated presentation on “how and why to foster an international audience”.

If you have not done such an online conference, I encourage you to test it out. It is quite affordable and a very interesting experience. :)

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