VC may start to buy knives, soon


My favorite VC Rick Segal has an interesting posting up “How to start a company with no money down“. The key thing in his post? Internet connecting. Also a computer, but I think, the key part is Internet.

Interesting idea of how to start a business without ‘any’ money but just an internet connection. Sadly, those “get an intern to program for you” is not working that well over here “auf dem Lande” in Lübeck (small town, with an university, but no real information technology). But then again, trade your Adsense money agains “rent a coder” and alike and you might get somewhere.

(As for Germany, entrepreneurial ideas still are not that fashionable, with the high unemployment rate it is more likely to be a last ressort – always a bad idea to start a business (any business) on this. )

VCs then can concentrate on scaling the bigger businesses – but then steak knives may be not enough Rick. ;)

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But what can one do? In every case, you need connections. The internet provides you with information, and ways to connect to others. But one thing is key: Access to the internet (friends maybe) but also knowledge how to use the tools. Many many many people still don’t even know how to use a search engine, even if you open up the browser with Google sitting there.

For many peope, this rich new place of information, wealth and people is still not accessible. And in many times they look down on me when I tell them with joy about what I do “online”. Online is still “weird”. So, at least over here, starting a business through access to the net is still not very likely – even though it is the place with the most open job possibilities …


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