Vecosys in Search for European “Movers and Shakers”


While they where with Techcrunch UK I was bitterly complaining about them not paying enough attention towards Europe. Now that Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher run Vecosy as “Sam Sethi & Mike Butcher’s techreview of European startups.” they do pay attention to Europe and so far I am very much liking it – as it does spark conversation about Europe as well as make some American sites pay more attention. ;)

Now they are searching for suggestions on “Europe’s top 100 movers and shakers“:

Therefore instead of it being the Vecosys 100 list, I wanted to ask you to nominate European people (but not yourself) who you think deserve to be on the list. They can be an entrepreneur, VC, journalist, blogger, event organiser or geek techie.

In order not to let it get too UK specific, I urge you to think hard about what you know of the European space and post your comment to it. ;)

I tried to think of people I know which do have an interest in crossing borders in Europe and helping people to connect on a level which is in fact Eurocentric. The list is by far not complete, but a quick first shot at this.

You might note that there is only one person from Germany – there are of course some others but most of them do only work in German and do not seem to be interested in ‘moving and shaking’ in Europe. I also though about including people from the Media houses in Germany which do push at least the country a bit forward – but again, they do that mainly on a German level.

Btw, another Blog, though more focussed on the money part is alarm:clock euro

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One Response to “Vecosys in Search for European “Movers and Shakers””

  1. Paul Walsh says:

    Markus Berger-deLeon, MD of Jamba. Jamba is VeriSign’s biggest revenue generator at $1.5b per year. Furthermore, it was responsible for a change in telco marketing legalisation in the UK – perhaps not for good reasons, but it happened.