Want to reach teens with advertising?


Cory Doctorow about a study that it is best to place ads in a game in order to reach teens:

I don’t know how good or bad this is for gaming, but it’s pretty telling when buying ads in a game is smarter than buying ads on TV or product placement in a movie.

As teens are supposed to be the next customers of whatever you have now, it should be pretty pretty scary.

I for example don’t watch television anymore – I download the shows I like to a PVR and see them when I want. I love advertising and commercials – but as I don’t watch TV, I download them from the internet. I have said it before – I would subscribe to a feed which presents me advertisement (but smart please). I just posted about the book of cool – which means, I advertise something to you.

I only seldomly read paper, because I have no time and they feel outdated a lot. When was the last time you read a computer magazine and thought geez, that is news to me? The only magazine I subscribe to is a German one called BrandEins – a business magazine without charts, just a lot of text and great stories not only about business but about responsibility, ethics and such stuff. In a way, not a webpage, but a web 2.0 magazine. ;)

But other than that? My feedreader is my magazine. Given, I can’t flip through the pages, but I can do other stuff. And feed readers will evolve. Because we want them to, very much. Because otherwise we can’t keep up with our hunger for the content we whant.

You should also take a look at Scott Gatz presentation from Syndicate – he has some nice bubbles in there about this topic. :)

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