Was your Gmail broken as well?


Yuk. Yesterday and today my Gmail was a very slow. And if I say slowI mean slow!

Also I wondered about the few e-mails I was still getting … it just was not enough. Not that I really want to have more e-mails but just by looking at it I could judge that there was something wrong with Gmail. Until I noticed that I was not getting a comment notification I thought “maybe it is a slow news day …”. After that I knew my mails where being deferred.

Since then I have been waiting for the rushing in of all the delayed e-mails and this afternoon, they came. Yikes. Did anyone else noticed something unusual?

Technorati tax (not tax. Tags. With a soft G. let’s try again: technorati tax. Well it seems I have to do some training …)
technorati tax. Now, little dragon, we don’t want to give Dave Sifry ideas. Come on: technorati tax.

Hrmf. I would just use my bookmark list bookmarklet.

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