West Wing staff on Twitter


The West Wing Well, is one of the very few shows I enjoy watching again and again, and as such, I am still a possible customer for new stuff around it. And of course I fall for the shows characters. As long as they are as witty as the show, I do not care who writes them, and neither should the producers behind it- they bring new joy for one my most loved tv shows which has ended. But I am still a possible customer for some all in one DVD sets …

The West Wing folks I found so far:

I am missing CJ and Leo?

After the success of the Mad Men Characters we will see how many other TV show producers pay attention about grabbing their shows characters on the service. But also they should have a look on how they can engage the audience through it much more. The new Twitter accounts combine two hot topics – politics and TV characters. With them, I might actually bare politics again until that election is over.


5 Responses to “West Wing staff on Twitter”

  1. The Big Bang Theory Characters are also on Twitter: http://twitter.com/chrispirillo/status/961188989

  2. digitalred93 says:

    Danny Concannon (http://twitter.com/DannyConcannon) is also on Twitter – interviewing President Bartlet and flirting with CJ (http://twitter.com/ClaudiaJean).

  3. Lol… love the West Wing, and therefore this post

  4. Myrna says:

    Funny..I loved the West Wing too. Now, we’re living for “real”. But Mad Men is by far my fav..maybe because I used to work in Advertising. Let’s see.. they’ve covered doctors, lawyers, admen..what’s next? Social media geek? yeah

  5. Ron B. says:

    Leo, or his ghost at least, is definitely tweeting: