What a beautiful Sunday afternoon timewaster.


You failed to achieve your goal. You only got 53

Waaaa. Meet Boomshine. Actually, I made it to 54 balls. As it seems I am not the only one having problems.

Boomshine is an addictive Flash casual game. Click the screen to start a chain reaction and try to explode as many dots as needed to pass a level. The game contains 12 levels ranging from the easy to the hard (only 3.97% of games pass level 12). Over 3 million games have been played by over 100,000 different players.

The music is very nice as well – I think I will just skip the last level and go for the fun again from the start! (via)


3 Responses to “What a beautiful Sunday afternoon timewaster.”

  1. I couldn’t stop until I had mastered the last level. You know, it’s cruel to post this to us ADD folks on Twitter. That’s offering even harder drugs to people who are already addicts! ;-)

  2. Nicole says:

    Well. It seems you never heard of Bejeweled then?

  3. Cool Game, Final Result 255=Good