What does Digital Lifestyle mean to you?


When I prepared the pre-conf podcast for Les Blogs in December, I was quite aware of what I wanted to ask my interview partners. But for my new pre-conference podcast for the Burda Digital Lifestyle Day 06 in Munich end of January, I would like your help. :)

DLD06 is an event done by Hubert Burda Media, on of the big German Media companies – you know, those print guys. It was very interesting for me to see how much they are heading for “digital lifestyle”. And this is not something some employees are interested in, not at all. The head of the company himself pushes the topic digital.

My co-interviewers Thomas Wanhoff / Frank Tentler for example do a German podcast show for one of their magazines (sixtytwo thousand magazines per issue) and they are featured prominently on top of the according website. And this is just one of their magazines. Imagine print understanding at least a bit about digital lifestyle and using their power to transport what is important to us here to the ‘normal people’.

But, back to my question for your help. What does “digital lifestyle” mean to you? What challenges do you see in the near or far future? What was something very eye opening for you or where do you see most of the population still very clueless? What kind of gadgets do you want to use and why?

I am not looking for somebody to do my questions, I just would like to see what my readers are interested in. :) Also, I would like to read about where you would like all of this to go and evolve. Call it the “things I would like to see (happen)” post which you start the new year with.

Topics of the conference will be the following:

We will include the following topics in our discussions:
design, developments in digital markets, digital Asia, philosophical perspectives on digital lifestyle, gaming, 10 years digital age, Deutschland online, challenges for Europe, digital tunes, new consumer marketing, social software & location based networks…

The event has a very attractive speaker list, and I will do interviews with the following: Jyri Engeström, Lars Hinrichs, CEO of openBC, Dan Gillmor, Founder Bayosphere, Felix Petersen / Stefan Kellner, Co-Founders of plazes.com and Loic Le Meur from Six Apart Europe. If some of them will answer their email, of course …

If you have a special question for one of them, or some thoughts on the topic, comment here, shoot me an email at neezee / gmail.com or use the contact form. Thanks! :)

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  1. Cem says:

    BTW, Stefan Kellner has a blogg here: http://no-information.de/ .

    Your questions are quite interesting. But I will answer you tomorow.