What PDA to get and who to interview?


Do you have such a PDA I describe below or something which could fit the profile? Please share this information with the rest of the world. And yes, preferably on your own blog! :o) I love comments and private feedback, but I also think others should be able to win from your effort as well. The easiest way to do so is write on your blog and trackback, or write your entry and mail me the link. :)

Do you have such a system / hardware? I am deeply interested in buying such a GPS enabled device in Europe. But I would be also willing to stress test such a system and return report on this for the short time I need it in the US. I am a geek, but I am also a reluctant female customer. Contact me, so I can interview you or we may talk about such a test gadget. You will get honest feedback, so don’t contact me if you expect cozy treatment just because of that. It is my time and expertise as well, and I don’t plan to compromise my reputation just for a little gadget. :)

Why do I need a gadget like this for my trip? I do now want to deny the possibility of having to travel by car and knowing my *awful* sense of direction, I am considering investing in a gadget pda with gps. I still have my Palm Tungsten E, but that one has a not working sync and no gps. I could buy a gps card for my tablet, but I don’t want to drive around with my tablet open. As I have been out of the loop of that part of gadget land for some time now, I would like to get up to date fast.

I can probably drag Ewan into giving me a fifteen minute rundown on what symbian systems are. If you don’t know him – that is the guy wearing a kilt and having at least a dozen different gadgets with him. Don’t believe me? Go look for yourself.

As others might be interested in this as well, I would like to make that as a podcast. Anybody else who would be suitable to convince me to buy another machine? ;)

These are the features I am interested in at the moment:

  • GPS should be on board
  • it would be nice if some electronic navigation system already was in there when buying (I know in Germany those are sold together, a windows machine with German routing planer and navigational system)
  • it should have software available with which I can track the GPS and then transfer it to my PC
  • I will be travelling with it. Having a USB cable which charges and syncs is preferred, but it should have alternatives like bluetooth.
  • the OS should have a bejeweled available*grin*
  • needs to hold at least a day with battery
  • having a little camera on board for quick shots is great
  • perhaps even wlan?

I know that most devices can only do part of it. As usual: Show me what they have and I can decide on that if this combination is interessting.

Besides that, are there good and cheap routing planers available I can use for my tablet? I would like to be ready for the case I don’t have a pda and I have no access to the net.

And could somebody at Gmail please get their grip together and add words like podcast, blogging, bluetooth, wlan and such to their dictionary?! It is the normal language of their early users! :)

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