When is a business podcast a business podcast?


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I was just reading “Oracle to Podcast from Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2005“.

The Oracle OpenWorld podcasts will deliver news and information about each daily theme including Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Applications and Oracle Database and Grid technologies. Attendees will be able to download audio programming and store content for future use and those who are not able to attend the show benefit from access to valuable, relevant information.

I love the fact how many companies are jumping now on to podcasting, and I think it is because podcast is just “make an audio and have some little extras” which is more understandable to normal corporate people than this ‘blog thing’.

Which would explain the higher adaption rate of podcasts to blogs.

I know Neville somewhere has a business podcast wiki, but the content there seems more corporate podcast to me. The above oracle is delivered to the tech audience, but in a way a customer-relation podcast.

I therefore put the question out: How shall we call those different podcast? Or maybe before giving names, what do those different tags mean to us?

To give you a start, for me it feels like there are different podcast ‘levels’:

  • business podcast
    There to advertise and sell me something, combined with valuable information. In general an informative podcast about a topic, like FIR, made by solopreneurs.
  • corporate podcasts
    Coming from a company, not one voice, feels financial, pr-ish. Examples are
  • corporate podcast as conversations with the customers
    still from a company (as is enough money to spend to make nice things), but “getting” the new way of communication with the customer. comes to mind.

You see, that I only differentiate on the corporate side, and I figured, that I don’t know of a solopreneur podcast which is just ‘investor style’.

Then I thought of and their different podcasts and figured, my splitting is more on the line of old economy and new economy, new and old style. In case of Odeo, this is neither corporate nor business podcast. But it is coming from a company.

So how should we call such?

I do have podcasts (I consider ctbk the english business side of my personal blog and podcast world) and know Neville’s list. But I would hesitate to put my name in there. But I would put down gladly all of my data into the – at least once I had a decent description in an English which would not make even me cringe. But I want to put me in there. I don’t have such a longing for other pages.

What is the difference here? The other people in it? The spirit which is running through that list what the others don’t have? [I assume Hugh would be thrilled, if we would just call them hughcasts. ;)]

What is your take on that?
I would love to hear some voices. :)

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