When you have to speak German at the caltrain station …


Plazes founders Felix and Stefan are in the Valley at the moment (I already saw it in their plazes), and Felix has posted “How to know you´re in the heart of the digital economy“.

# When the dishwasher at the coffee shop is being asked by the waitress to check the DHCP settings.
# When you have to speak German discussing your new ideas at the trainstation.

Yes, the Coupa Cafe is great and a reason alone to prefer Palo Alto for a stay.

But I think Felix carelessly underestimates the amount of people in the Valley speaking or at least being able to understand German! No kidding. :)

And: Now that Plazes has published the mobile client I need to look out for a new mobile phone. Which will work in the US and Europe, as well as have a nice big screen and an onscreen keyboard. I dont need little tiny keyboards with that thing; I am able to type blindly and do get annoyed with those tiny ones, I am much faster “typing with a stylo on the screen”. If I would be to type longer texts, I would get myself an external keyboard.

Any suggestions? As those stupid providers are so anxious to put wifi into the phones, I might as well go for a decent palm instead and keep the mobile phone I have at the moment. (Tip for those providers: I do not use you instead if I have no wifi available. I do not use it at all. Make my phone with Wifi and I will use it so much more that I might be tempted to use your services if wifi is not available.)

And if it would work with the plazes mobile client, that might be cool as well too. I need to get more karma points. ;)

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