While I am coughing my way through London …


I am still in London and am trying to recover from being sick and yet talking all the time at Barcamp London (was wonderful btw) – plus I am on some wifi from around somewhere with only a mini-connection. Judging on the mails and hits I got I could see that Robert has posted the interview he recorded in Geneva on podtech.

To cover most answers from the mail: The link for the people looking for the interviews:
You can find my interviews under bloxpert and my too seldomly updated personal podcast under Useful Sounds.

Of course he was just the video taker as this interview was done by the most charming Maryam. ;) Maryam and I tried that for a while now and the time seemed absolutly right in Geneva. And it did not even hurt (II’ve hated video since I was a child and object to my fathers camera 8 or something experiences because kids are cute.)

As said, I am on mini connection and on my way to a meeting so I will not be able to have a closer look till tomorow. :)


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