Whirpool may be podcasting, but needs a better contact form


I read on Charlene Li’s blog about Whirlpool podcasting and saw, that they use the wrong link for iPodder.

As I like and use the ipodder lemon version, I thought, I leave them a mail about that.

Turns out, it is easier to blog about it then send a message to them:

I am just taking a look at your podcast page – looks nice – and you have a link to the open source ipodder software – but the wrong link.

The one you are linking to is the domain owned by Adam Curry which he uses for his endevours, and the software section of that web page does not work.

You where probably looking for the link http://ipodder.sourceforge.net/index.php

happy podcasting
Nicole Simon

But just to leave that comment, I would need to provide the following: Email address (obvious), first name, last name, address #1 (street number), city, state, zip code. In which state is only choosable by U.S. states – and probably probed to the zip codes. Hello?

No way I am going to enter that kind of information to do you a favour and go through the hackle of finding out a working zip code! Even when I would choose the “no response needed” field, they want “Email address, State and Zip-Code”

But Nicole, it does say at the top: “Not in the U.S.? View International Sites. ” Sure. Do I want to visit an international site? No. I just wanted to leave a comment. If I would not have wanted to make a blog entry out of it, I would just have closed that window at the first red letters. And please don’t come with “but to process such a contact request one needs …” – you don’t.

All fields entered? Higher priority in processing that email.
Customer just enters some information? Suggest to me, that I fill out more and tell me that I get higher in priority.

Think about it. How many contact requests and information are lost each day, because customers is not willing or able to provide that information?

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