Whole Paris is on fire.


Whole Paris? No, there is a little thing called centre of Paris, which is not says Loic.

[That is supposed to be a play with words. Yes, it is lame if you have to explain it. If you don’t know that phrase, it is from the German translation of Asterix. And I am not even sure that the phrase “All of Gallia is in the Hands of Rome. All of Gallia? No! A small town …” is translated as such. Wikipedia does not tell. Btw, wouldn’t it be nice if you can take a word in Wikipedia and use the built in links on the left side (this in the following different languages) to have a result pages with all the linked languages on this word?]

Back to Paris. I have heard about “Paris is burning” too. It is part of what makes the net so beautiful and precious: One comment from a person who is there can put everything into perspective. Given, I would need to trust Loic if he tells the truth or does not close his eyes on something happening right before his eyes. But I do and will see those reports now differently.

Btw, I hesitated to set a trackback, because it could be seen as trying to fetch clicks. But it is not but to continue the discussion about how a blog from your state can help others understand what is happening in your country. Seeing his little sentence gave me enough information for the moment. It helps me to think about Germany the same way. Perhaps a small comment now and then is much more important than a very big article about the state my country is in.

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