Why only The Book of Cool?


Via Cem I read about The Book of Cool:

In the beginning there were fun things that only others could do. We decided to seek enlightenment. From around the world we found some of the best there will ever be. Now it’s your turn.

Nice Webpage and those video snippets you can see from sports to casino cards make you wonder, why the hell this “step by step instructions to things only others could do til now” is a book.

Well, it is not. You have to look closely or watch the trailer to see that it is a 320 page book – and 3 DVDs with 9 hours of film … If so, then why call it just a book? :)

Seems like a possible gift christmas – for oh wait, that is just over. Well, that ones comes again. Available for 38 € in PAL and NTSC.

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