Why you should have a user on Frappr and how to use it.


Frappr is the de facto standard of “look where I am!”, especially when we have groups of people. Because we are all curious. :)

Perhaps you would like to know about “people who chat on the Barry Gibb Unplugged site.”? Or see where the people are from who are attending the same conference like you? For example the upcoming DLD conference in Munich and Lift in Geneva? Well, subscribe to the according frappr maps DLD06 and LIFT06. As I am writing this, those maps are still very empty but they should fill up very quickly.

So let’s assume you want to be part of the frappr game, then let me help you to make the best out of it. You can add yourself on every map you like, with a photo or not or add a shout out. But there are some benefits when you register a user on frappr:

  • you only have to pick your coordinates and upload your picture once. After that, you can just click “add me” and the rest is filled in automatically
  • you can subscribe to a map and get a mail each day with changes on those maps
  • you can connect with friends
  • you can see where you added yourself to
  • but most importantly: you can edit your comments or even remove yourself from the map – you cannot do this if just add your name each time.

What to do to get started:

  • go to the new account page and choose a name, enter your email and a password.
  • check your email and confirm the account throught the link you are sent
  • go to your profile page and add a photo if you like
  • enter your location and move it around until you are satisfied (Frappr does have problems with special chars so for example Lübeck is called Lubeck)

Your first Frappr experience:

  • search for a Frappr map you would like to add yourself to. Tip: Many podcasters have a frappr map, join if you are a listener.
  • click on “Add me” and you should already see your photo and your location entered
  • enter your shout out and click “Add me” and your pin point should appear on the map!

As this is a Google map, you can zoom in and zoom out. If you would like to know about other people entering this special map, you can click “subscribe” and you will get once a day an email about new members all your groups you have joined.

Now go back to your profile page and voila, the group you added yourself to can be found bottom right! Here is also the place where you can change those notifications. Of course, now that you are logged in, you can also remove yourself from a map. And if you would like to see how this profile works, visit mine and use it as a starting point to find other interesting maps. :)

Happy frappering!

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2 Responses to “Why you should have a user on Frappr and how to use it.”

  1. mark hill says:

    I am having trouble with frappr and i cannot find help from the admins. Is there anywhere you can point me to? I used to be able to add places like people do in frappr local to my own personal map. I think i tried to take my group off of the public list and now I have no admin tab when I log in. If i create a new group I have log in capabilities but not for the original group. When I try to find that group it says it doesnt exist but when i click the “groups” tab to look at other groups there is a small list with all my groups to the top right and the group is listed there. My guess is its a database design issue. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. oswald says: