Women and technology


Over the years, I have seen (and trained) a lot of women, who just don’t get absolut basics of technology. Even if you explain it to them, in a very simple logic way, they don’t get it.

If you are a man, the typical reaction to this statement would probably some grumbling nodding (nobody sees you doing it). If you are a woman (in this of course more stereotypical view), your reaction would be perhaps angry or even desperate in saying “I am trying! But I don’t understand!!”.

Which is exactly the point: If the to be delivered information is not delivered in a way the other side can understand it, it is just as if man versuchen würde, einen völlig logisch klaren Sachverhalt in Kisuaheli darzulegen. Btw, that last part was totally correct as a sentence, equaly integrated into the flow of the meaning.

Does a man understand why a women has dozens of shoes? No. Does a women understand, why her husband is a geek? Sometimes.

Why write this post? As most of the referres today come from Robert’s post, and most of that audience is male and ‘more techie’ I am playing a ‘male’ game: Gelvat gb srgpu lbhe vagrerfg ol cbfgvat n gvgyr fgnegvat jvgu gur jbeq jbzra. Tbny bs guvf? Gb trg lbh vagb fraqvat zr rknzcyrf jurer, sebz lbhe crefcrpgvir lbh nf n znyr crefba unir znqr na nofbyhg ybtvpny nccebnpu ohg “fur” whfg qvq abg trg vg. Naq lbhe thrff ba jul fur qvq abg haqrefgnaq vg.



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