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Jonas Luster has posted the entry I was waiting for as we did discuss this topic on Tuesday already. It is one of the reasons which did increase my uneasiness with Tuesday’s Leweb:

Secret Service dossier investigations on “aging carpenter” performances are child’s play, utterly lackluster performances, compared to the works of the world’s most efficient and powerful governmental security agency – the Mossad.

Let’s not kid ourselves, a man the stature of Peres doesn’t just “show up” at an event, movements, police contingent, placement of plainclothes and uniformed security detail, snipers (yes, snipers), medial emergency teams, rapid extraction task forces, all that needs time. And it’ll be there. Along with, of course, the – again – world’s most efficient spook agency’s, dossier team.

So much for “but it was just a bold move to increase your horizon, stupid! get out of just the blogosphere, there is a real life out there”.

I am not knowledgeable enough to say “yes that is true” but I am at least sure that our names have been taken of a list and run against name checks and some of us have been look into deeper.

Do you expect that if you go to an event like Leweb that this will happen? Probably not. And having known that we should be sure that on Monday already “secret service” was floating around – now think about your conversations on Monday. Anything you might want to repeat in from of somebody like that? Not only him but candidates for presidential elections in france as well …

As Jonas also said:

As an aside, I believe Loic did a crack job assembling and hosting some of the greats of the Industry. It’s too bad that this accomplishment is overshadowed by “Loicgate” as someone called it.

The overshadowing is one too much of a dark shadow.

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2 Responses to “Would you like a profile with that?”

  1. Tech Bee says:

    With Tech Crunch UK now closed and Sam Sethi saked, where will all the collateral damage of this most unfortunate conference stop?

  2. Nicole says:

    I think we are ready for the learning process from this and are ready to move on.