Would you send me this as vcf please?


I got an email the other day from a big company who is about information, search and retrieve because i met one of their representatives at DLD. Nicely the assistent wrote down (half) of the contact data – and I asked back for a vcf file for my adress book.

To my surprise I did get a no as an answer. I am sorry – but if you are an assistent of somebody, especially when you work at Google, I *do* expect of you to send me a .vcf of your contact data. And if you would have to do it by hand! *grrr*

Does anybody know which internal mail programm they are using? Outlook has this as a default function. But then again, you would have to understand why you always should have a contact entry of yourself available – something many people don’t get either …

“Beam me your card through your PDA would you?” “do what??”.

Which reminds me, that I have to learn how to bluetooth that from my mobile phone.


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