The programm for LesBlogs is up. “Wow” is the word which comes to my mind. Go read for yourself how different speakers and panelist will have answers on these questions:

Let’s define together these new values and understand:

  1. How they challenge the corporate world
  2. How they change the media landscape
  3. How they bring more democracy in politics
  4. How education evolves
  5. What are the tools used and how we can all best benefit from them
  6. Where we are going in the near and longer term future

See you at .


2 Responses to “Wow.”

  1. Tee Morris says:!? Yeesh, I need to drink stronger coffee. :p

    I wish all conferences worked this way. Wow…getting people to seriously think about the topic you’re going to be talking about — there’s a revolutionary concept. One time too many, panelists “wing it” on topics at SF/F cons. Okay, I admit it — SF/F cons are very casual in conparison to events like PodcastCon and Les Blogs, but it can make discussion and debate more critical and less emotional if there was just a little bit of preparation like this!

    Have fun, Nicole! :)

  2. Nicole says:

    Well, you could come up with the stuff we will be blogging about in 100 years ;)